Be one step ahead: Schedule Analysis

The BEONTRA team has finalized a first version of a data model to enhance the schedule analysis capabilities of the BEONTRA Scenario Planning suite, as presented at the Summit in April. The version focused on enabling automatic coordination data integration & alignment and value-added reporting.

Schedule Analysis

We have been working on a schedule analysis data model; regular coordination data updates are stored as schedule versions which can be compared, analyzed and/or visualized within B Analytics. In combination with the functionality to schedule reports users can create an automatic reporting interface to management.

The schedule analysis data model serves a dual purpose – first to support the forecasting department with a “pre” step in the forecasting workflow to determine crucial changes in the schedule that will need to be considered. Secondly, the marketing department will gain crucial insights in terms of cancellation rate, percentage of actual flown slots and much more.

How does it work?

The schedule analysis data model utilizes coordination data, statistical flight data and the basic data from the BEONTRA suite for its analysis. The data is integrated and transformed to be aligned with the desired data model.

With the data model reports are easily created via drag-and-drop capabilities and can be scheduled to be sent to end-users automatically. Highlighted reports that were created with the first version of the schedule analysis data model:

  • Coordination changes with respect to previous published seasonal schedule
  • Overview of weekly frequencies per destination, carrier, season
  • Cancellation rate reports covering differences between first coordination, key coordination dates and actual flown seats

Interested in knowing more?

Please contact your Account Manager or Project Lead at BEONTRA.