BSP5 progress: Load Forecasting

In July 2018, BEONTRA presented the vision for its new generation of aviation planning software, BSP5 with the commitment to:   1. Seamless user experience 2. Solution-oriented enterprise software 3. Open architecture   In the second half on 2018, your BEONTRA team worked tirelessly to transfer the vision goals of BSP5 to concepts and actionable items. As a result, Load Forecasting is currently being developed.

Are you ready to try first prototypes and, together with us, shape solutions of Load Forecasting? Our agile development approach allows including customer testing at different stages and enables close follow-up of the progress! All you need is to contact your account manager or Kristin Wodzinski (wodzinski(at)beontra.com). You will be offered to test functionality, forecasting accuracy and user experience, so, do not hesitate to take part in this journey!

To get a glimpse of what Load Forecasting has to offer, please also find a short summary of the vision of Load Forecasting below:

The main objective of “Load Forecasting” is the creation of load (passengers, baggage, fuel, etc.) forecasts that are serving as the go-to solutions of various airport operations departments. Load Forecasting offers a flexible solution to use past experience, statistical traffic information and aviation expertise to create traffic numbers as a basis for future operations from tactical planning to budgeting and so on. Load Forecasting connects all planning horizons and all contributing stakeholders in a streamlined and intuitive way to go from data and intention to actionable and ready-to-use solutions.
Key benefits:

  • Platform for collaboration for focused decision making using a centralized source of truth
  • Robust enterprise tool with high performance for sustainable business solutions
  • Planning methodologies available for all planning horizons – from tactical planning to budgeting and what-if analysis
  • Scenario comparison for knowledge-based decision making on key forecasting and planning actions
  • Easy -to-use, intuitive and tailor-made for the aviation industry for Planners, Analysts, Supervisors, C-level Managers and External Stakeholders
  • Smart, supporting and guiding system for high predictability, more certainty to ensure less surprises and “more business as usual” days
  • Acts as a time-saver by task automation to enable more domain work and the elimination of auxiliary manual processes