Deliveries have never been better

We have made a leap forward in our process of delivering our latest software updates to you. At the BEONTRA Summit in Vienna back in April, we presented the principle of the protection unit as our approach to improve our delivery performance. The majority of our Scenario Planning systems are now in this protection unit!

This year, deliveries made less impact on the development efforts, allowing faster value adding cycles that benefit all stakeholders. This is made possible by the protection unit created last year which has evolved rapidly to include most of our customers. Having the protection unit assures a delivery taking place as planned by simulating it internally every night with new releases.

As of November 2018, 96% of our cloud customers are included in the protection unit, with the target to reach 100% by end of the year. As a result of the aforementioned improvements in BEONTRA’s delivery process, systems are on average no older than three months, crossing a major milestone in 2018. Beyond the improvement made this year, the outlook of delivery efforts is seen to further decrease so that you will benefit from the added value we create for you as quickly as possible.