Tackle the forecasting challenges at your airport: BEONTRA takes the next big step with BSP 5

BSP 5 will be the next big step in the evolutionary ladder of the BEONTRA Scenario Planning Suite. Want to know more about the why, the background and the general principles behind BSP 5?

BEONTRA’s vision to pioneer the 5th generation of BEONTRA Scenario Planning (BSP), namely BSP 5, is fundamentally motivated by our goal to deliver added value to our customers in the form of innovative forecasting enterprise software products. That is why BEONTRA decided to go for the next big step in the evolution of the BEONTRA Scenario Planning Suite. BSP 5 will be build upon 3 major building block points. These are:

       1. Seamless User Experience

       2. Solution-oriented Enterprise Software

       3. Open Architecture

In addition, our BEONTRA vision as well as the 3 principles of Minimal Effort, High Flexibility & High Intelligence of our product focus will guide the design of BSP 5.

Seamless User Experience means:

  • A tailored and role-based workflow that provides every user exactly with what they need
  • a modern and consistent UI, intuitive & simply looking good
  • “Hello John Doe” – proactive user interaction, giving suggestions and hints

Solution-oriented Enterprise Software means:

  • Combining the current BEONTRA product portfolio to an enhanced solution-based central software
  • Strengthened results with the use of supplementary algorithms and techniques of related processes

Open Architecture means:

  • Enabling the use of created data in other user processes
  • Incorporate external data sources where beneficial
  • Make output available to other 3rd party tools

BEONTRA started BSP 5 as the next generational airport scenario planning software project which consists of 3 main phases:

1. Design Phase: Preparation for transitioning and merging the value of the existing BEONTRA products, planning the transition itself, laying the foundations of BSP 5 and definition of the first roadmap

2. Execution Phase: Developing and delivering the first version of the BSP 5 planning software, realizing efficiency gains, establishing BSP 5 as the new standard for the airport planning community

3. Tuning Phase: Extending the product core with new solutions, scaling the portfolio of planning tasks possible with BSP 5

The Beehive Effect: Foundations of Your Next Generation of BEONTRA Scenario Planning

The design of BSP 5 is created taking into account your – our customers’ – feedback and the more than 10 years of airport planning experience BEONTRA possesses. This feedback is primarily used to deliver the state-of-the-art BSP 5 so that You can deliver the highest quality results with only the required amount of effort.

While BEONTRA’s industry experience will be reflected on BSP 5, the airport planning community BEONTRA built and is continuously building around its users, present and future products; will enable Your Airport to reach excellence at an accelerated path. The Beehive Effect of the BEONTRA community makes you benefit from industry best practices, connections to a worldwide group of expert peers and state-of-the-art airport planning knowledge.

Stay tuned!

Updates on the progress, content, next steps etc. of BSP 5 will be communicated regularly. For any questions, feel free to reach out to your BEONTRA contacts.