Ground Handling

How can we improve our accuracy in production planning, passenger, ramp and baggage services?

Can we reduce resource buffers in peak times and improve our margin by planning our resource requirements and shifts as close to the peak and task structure as possible?

Is it possible to translate our next business year forecast into operational, day to day planning aiming at a “single source of truth” for production and resource planning?

Having gained experience in schedule based planning for the airport industry, BEONTRA started to extend its products into full fledged Ground Handling solutions in 2007.

In close cooperation with Swissport, a dedicated production planning solution was developed and implemented to calculate market forecasting for all revenue and cost drivers on a flight by flight basis.

By applying the BEONTRA modules, ground handlers are able to produce automated, highly accurate production planning scenarios serving as the key input into resource planning and rostering systems, and thus being the core element for an economically successful operation.

Production Process

BEONTRA Scenario Planning

  • Area

    Field of applications

    BEONTRA system modules

  • Schedule based Forecasting

    Next business year forecasting on a flight by flight basis, covering all cost and revenue drivers required for business planning

  • Operational Forecasting

    Day by day production planning connected to real time flight and load data

    B Operational

  • Revenue Planning

    Creation of pricing scenarios based on existing or future price lists in order to continuously monitor and forecast revenue streams