How would the acquisition of a new vessel service translate into container structure, revenue stream and modal split for your port?

What is the elasticity in resources and facilities required when planning for alternative scenarios of loaded/ unloaded boxes per service?

What is the modal split and berth time pattern of individual clients and vessel services?

Which clients would be affected by changing the tariff structure you plan to implement passed on the traffic scenarios you expect?

How to balance the expected growth between alternative terminals, considering traffic structure as well as available capacity?

Transforming the schedule based planning systems BEONTRA has been developing for the aviation industry to the seaport industry has been a significant milestone for the BEONTRA team over the recent years.

A joint prototype development between HHLA Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG and BEONTRA laid the foundation for BEONTRA’s seaport division focusing exclusively on the requirements of the seaport and terminal operator industry.

BEONTRA scenario planning enables seaport operators to evaluate integrated scenarios of traffic development and simulating its effects on storage capacity, revenues as well as modal split effects on rail, truck and feeding peak structures.

Seaport Forecasting Process Flow

BEONTRA Scenario Planning

  • Area

    Fields of applications

    BEONTRA system modules

  • Long-Term Forecasting

    Demand oriented traffic forecasting, covering periods of +5 to +40 years based on industries best methodology

  • Schedule based Forecasting

    Schedule driven, movement by movement traffic forecasts delivering the greatest possible level of detail whether for vessel services and load structures

  • Capacity Planning

    Modeling container streams through a seaport’s or terminal’s infrastructure and testing it against alternative traffic scenarios if order to analyze capacity constraints and optimize infrastructure usage

  • Revenue Planning

    Creation of alternative pricing scenarios simulating the effects on revenue streams as well as the impact on individual clients