B Reporting

Product profile

BEONTRA introduced B Reporting to serve as a flexible and scalable business intelligence and reporting solution allowing the creation of reports and dashboards, flexibly connecting to all existing BEONTRA products such as B Tactical, B Capacity or B Revenue.

B Reporting consists of a comprehensive template builder, allowing system administrators and advanced users generating report templates to be further used by all module users.

In order to allow mobile access to reports and dashboards created with B Reporting, BEONTRA developed B Reporting as a flexible platform with mobile access via Android and iOS devices.

B integrated

Built as a reporting component underlying all BEONTRA Scenario Planning modules

B quick

Template based architecture allowing quick and simple creation of powerful reports.

B broad

Choose from a variety of visualization options such as data tables, graphs and dashboards

B clear

Powerful but lean visualization of reports and dashboards delivering best possible transparency and analyzing options for BEONTRA’s comprehensive Scenario Planning Suite

B innovative

Allowing web and mobile access via Android and iOS devices

System module features

  • Quickly access and configure reports based on flexibly, predefined reporting templates tailor-made for your analyzing purpose
  • Dashboard components allowing the configuration of data grids and graphs supporting your analyzing processes best possible

  • Connect to all available BEONTRA modules such as B Tactical, B Capacity or B Revenue accessing and combing traffic, infrastructure and revenue information in powerful reports

  • Dedicated mobile clients allowing native usage on Android or iOS devices

  • Reliable, high availability architecture allowing the simultaneous connection of 50+ clients