Aéroport de Lyon


In 2011, Aéroports de Lyon (LYS) implemented BEONTRA´s module B Route Development to substantiate route case calculations and to support the development of new routes. After only a few months, the route development team of Lyon Airport was able to achieve a huge success by using B Route Development: Emirates announced to add Lyon to its network in December 2012.

Being one of the early members of the B Route Development user community, LYS helped to specify the further development of the software by providing valuable input to improve its usability and implement new features.

A close relationship with its clients, open user trainings, the BEONTRA Summit, yearly releases with introducing enhancements and new features: that is what the BEONTRA’s “community driven approach” is all about.

“We really appreciate the speed and the flexibility of the BEONTRA
B Route Development tool that enables us to quickly and extensively analyze different scenarios. This is of value especially for the analysis of a route to a hub airport with several daily waves of incoming and outgoing flights.”

Alain Favier, Head of Route Development 
Aéroports de Lyon

Project Characteristics

Project Name

Aéroports de Lyon: introduction and application of the BEONTRA tool B Route Development

Project Timeframe

2011 - ongoing



Aéroports de Lyon, France

Owner Aéroports de Lyon
Coordinates45°43'32''N 005°04'52''E
Passengers 8,44 Mio (2012)
Cargo 36,400 tons (2011)
118,000 (2011)
Destinations 145 (2011)

Main Goals

  • Delivering a tool that allows the creation of convincing route cases, based on reliable market data, "through the eyes" of the carrier and avoiding a "black box" methodology
  • Time and money savings in route case preparations
  • Providing carriers an outlook on the economic feasibility of the new service
  • Providing a tool to act as an interactive instrument for presenting, discussing and improving route cases in a process along with the client



Project Scope

Implementation of B Route Development


Mr. Alain Favier
Head of Route Development, Aéroports de Lyon