Brussels Airport


In 2008 Brussels Airport (BRU) implemented the first BEONTRA traffic planning module to enhance and standardize the traffic forecasting processes at Brussels Airport. During 2010, BRU developed plans to further expand and integrate its planning infrastructure when it comes to

  • centrally storing and distributing all planning relevant data seamlessly between different
    departments (e.g. Marketing/ Business Development/ Controlling and Operations);
  • streamlining planning processes and procedures;
    providing functionalities for modeling short-, as well as medium- and long-term schedule scenarios;
  • assigning load related assumptions (e.g. passenger seat load factors, transfer and baggage rates) based on reliable and profound base data;
  • directly linking revenue scenarios and modeling future tariff scenarios to traffic planning as
    well as
  • deriving high-level capacity analyses regarding potential land- and/or airside constraints directly and automatically based on selected traffic scenarios for both, the day to day operation, as well as the longer term facility planning.

Consequently, Horizon has been migrated to B Tactical, the most current BEONTRA planning module and the add-on modules B Strategic, B Operational and B Capacity have been implemented.

“BEONTRA enables us to generate reliable and detailed traffic
forecasts from the very beginning of the budgeting period, serving
us such a reliable data source for our corporate planning.”

Leon Verhallen, Director Airline Marketing,
Brussels Airport

“Using B Operational for our day to day operational planning at Brussels Airport guarantees reduced waiting times and high service quality for our passengers while reducing security processing costs.”

Ward Decaluwe, Director Operations,
Brussels Airport

“Implementing the BEONTRA scenario planning suite throughout our organization standardizes the planning procedures and diminishes inconsistencies between traffic, revenue and investment planning scenarios.”

Marc-Andre Gennart, CFO,
Brussels Airport

Project Characteristics

Project Name

Horizon – integrated corporate planning
platform for Brussels Airport

Project Timeframe

2008 - 2012 (ongoing)



Brussels International Airport

Owner The Brussels Airport Company
Coordinates50°54'05''N 004°29'04''E
Passengers 18,8m (2011)
Cargo 475 tons (2011)
234k (2011)
Destinations 214
Revenues 367m EUR (2010)
460m EUR (2011 – 2016)

Main Goals

  • Integrated traffic data and planning platform
  • Linking of all planning relevant departments to one core planning process and system
  • Evaluation and simulation of operational, mid-term and long-term traffic scenarios with their effects on airport operations and capacity



Project Scope

Implementation of:

Creation of the BRU 2030 Long Term Forecast within a joined project team approach between Brussels Airport and BEONTRA


Mr. Leon Verhallen,
Head of Aviation Marketing, Brussels Airport

Mr. Ward Decaluwe,
Director Operations, Brussels Airport

Mr. Marc-Andre Gennart,
CFO, Brussels Airport