Viracopos International Airport


Since Azul Brazilian Airlines made VCP its main hub, the number of flights offered has increased radically. With the Summer Olympics 2016 coming, VCP is looking to attract further carriers with potential new routes and convince them to incorporate Viracopos International Airport into their route network by using BEONTRA’s tool B Route Development.

Until today, VCP has already managed to approach American Airlines, which has decided to add Viracopos to their Brazil networks with flights to New York and Miami starting in December 2014  as well as a route to Panama City.

"We are intensely working with B Route development, one of the tools of the BEONTRA Scenario Planning suite. With the Summer Olympics 2016 coming, the tool helps us a lot during conversations with the airlines. 

It enriches our presentations and supports our arguments in an innovative way. We very much appreciate the consistency and quality of the results and have successfully acquired routes to New York and Panama City as well as a link to Miami commencing in December 2014."

Aluizio Bomfim Margarido, Commercial Director
Viracopos International Airport

Project Characteristics

Project Name

Viracopos International Airport: implementation and introduction of the BEONTRA tool B Route Development

Project Timeframe

August 2013 - March 2016


Viracopos International Airport, Aeroportos Brasil

Owner Aeroportos Brasil
Coordinates23°0'27''S 47°8'4''W
Passengers 9,195 Mio (2013)
Cargo 235,182 tons (2013)
127,252 (2013)
Destinations 145 (2011)

Main Goals

  • Using a time-saving method in creating route cases for carriers
  • Convincing carriers to establish new routes to/ from VCP with a view to the upcoming Summer Olympics 2016

Project Scope

Implementation of B Route Development at Viracopos International Airport alongside a stat of the art presentation medium


Mr. Aluizio Bomfim Margarido
Commercial Director, Viracopos International Airport