The BEONTRA Community

The BEONTRA products and current feature roadmap is built around what we call the BEONTRA Community: all our existing users and stakeholders as well as clients to join the community in the next years.
All introduced activities within the BEONTRA Community emphasize our community driven approach, the importance of close customer relations to the success of our tools in the market and our goal of providing high quality products and services.

The following elements form the core of our community approach:

B Academy

Introducing - the BEONTRA Academy

As part of our community driven product development approach we established the ”BEONTRA Academy” as semi-annual event, aiming for a “hands on” exchange of requirements, experience and best practices on the BEONTRA products within the existing user group. An open agenda is of great importance granting a high interactivity and addressing all participants’ specific wishes and needs. Input, suggestions and contribution regarding the further development of the BEONTRA Scenario Planning Suite and the joint journey between BEONTRA and our user community are highly appreciated.

B Labs


In addition to the recent B Academy event and the annual, global user meeting, the BEONTRA Summit, we initialized BEONTRA Labs – our creative think-tank between the BEONTRA team and our customers, which want to get active and shape the future of the industry’s planning tools: The B Labs are organized as workshops on a regular base and form an integral part for managing the product strategy for the next years. The agenda is about new modules, future product features and potential for improvement of the current feature-set. B Labs support us focusing the further product development on real customer needs, identifying industry solutions and reducing implementation risks.

B Helpful

B Helpful

B Helpful - our first line of support
Another service we further improved over the recent months is the way we handle “day to day” client feedback and support: our newly implemented support hotline B Helpful assists all clients in cases of technical issues or questions on “how to use” our tools. Our support team is reachable every working day during our office hours via e-mail or by phone.

E-Mail: support(at)

Phone: +49 700 B HELPFUL or +49 700 24357385