Managed Services

Airports rely on purpose driven traffic forecasts and effective operational and commercial plans to understand crucial components of their business operations.

BEONTRA now provides airport teams with the recurring planning and forecasting services they need.
Fast, pragmatic and cost effective, customers will benefit from our entire toolset without the need for license fees, training expenses and additional payroll employees.

By outsourcing forecasting and planning tasks, temporarily or permanently, airports benefit from having their required activities and planning products executed and delivered by BEONTRA’s highly skilled and experienced professionals.

“It’s like having an extended team overnight. The BEONTRA
team, as skilled experts, alleviated a workload, allowing me to
focus on drawing conclusions and management suggestions
with confidence in their prepared scenarios.”

Chris Ting

Airport Capacity and Analytics Manager, Auckland Airport, NZ

BEONTRA Managed Services – customer benefits:

Cost effective delivery of key forecasting and planning tasks – No license fees, no training expenses, no additional payroll staff

Temporary or permanent workload relief – Timely delivery of critical forecasting and planning tasks when in-house resources are stretched or still developing necessary skills

Fast and reliable support by experts – Plug and Play principle

Seamless integration – Service delivery integrates into clients business process landscape and work structure

Flexibility and scalability of required
services – Short term service subscription and easy scaling of service scope to match clients requirements to the point of need

Access to BEONTRA’s subject matter
and solution expertise – More than 20 years forecasting and planning knowledge and first-hand experience from countless projects delivered in the aviation industry


For over two decades, BEONTRA has offered a constantly evolving and comprehensive range of user-friendly solutions to airports worldwide. Our tools and generated data empower airport teams and stakeholders to reliably perform intelligent forecasting and planning, both short and long term, as well as route development and operations management.

When acquiring full solution licenses or operating them in-house is not an option, BEONTRA delivers a wide range of cost-efficient forecasting and planning tasks as a service and integrates seamlessly into an airport’s business process landscape.

BEONTRA is a dependable partner for your airport during times of organizational restructuring, workforce and planning team development, airport system landscape reviews, new infrastructure  projects, or when workload simply exceeds the airports’ team capacity.

BEONTRA Managed Services – example services:

Seasonal forecasting for budget purposes

Developing mid- and long-term forecasts

Create and design schedules considering typical patterns and peaks

Route forecasting business cases in preparation for Routes or IATA Slot conferences and more

Allocation scenario planning for check-in and gates

“Capacity declaration” for slot coordination

Creating and maintaining both passenger and baggage flow models

Rolling 2 to 10 week operational foecasting

Evaluate operational capacity effects for
planned infrastructure closures, infrastructure reopening and new processes

Rolling terminal touchpoint capacity planning for SLA optimized resource  dispatch (security, immigration, people mover trains)

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