The BEONTRA Community

The BEONTRA products and roadmap are built around what we call the BEONTRA Community: all BEONTRA customers, our industry partners, other aviation stakeholders as well as future customers.

All activities within the BEONTRA Community emphasize our community-driven approach, the importance of close customer relations to the success of our tools in the market and our goal of providing high quality products and services.

The following elements form the core of our community approach:


A get-together each year in order to share industry best practices with your peers – the BEONTRA Summit. Within the two-day event we keep our customers up to date on new features and planned developments in our BEONTRA solutions. This is the best opportunity for the complete BEONTRA community to discuss feedback, expectations and the challenges they face daily.

Input, suggestions and contribution regarding the evolution of the BEONTRA Scenario Planning Platform and the joint journey of BEONTRA and our user community are main goals of the event.


As part of our community-driven product development approach the BEONTRA Academy regularly takes place at customer hosted locations – aiming for a hands-on exchange of requirements, experience and best practices regarding a specific BEONTRA product or solution. The agenda is created together with all participants focusing on high interactivity to ensure a productive, creative and innovative environment is created. Bringing industry and BEONTRA experts together, the BEONTRA Academy strives for ideas and concepts that will catapult this BEONTRA product to the next level.

Agile Software Development

Agile principles are the foundation of the software development process at BEONTRA. An integral part of agile software development is continuous customer involvement and feedback. We involve our customer community in the development of our products as early and as directly as possible. For example, by forming groups for early testing of beta versions or by releasing initial production versions together with our most innovative customers first – and of course by putting a lot of emphasis on a continuous information exchange with our community!


B Helpful

Our first line of support

As a BEONTRA customer we provide you with support via our online help desk, including a knowledge base and how-to articles, in all cases of technical issues or questions on “how to use” our tools.

For the valued feedback we offer a feedback platform to share knowledge, ideas and best practices in a
transparent and active way.

E-Mail: support(at)

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