About us

The brand BEONTRA has been created derived
from the terms “be on track” as well as “beyond traffic”.


Our vision is to provide integrated corporate planning solutions for infrastructure providers enabling our clients to plan for the future, optimize processes and support operational, tactical and strategic business decisions covering all aspects of corporate life.

Dedication/ alternative planning scenarios/ Scenario Thinking

Nobody is able to predict exactly what the future will look like - but our firm belief is that creating alternative planning scenarios, assessing and discussing those within planning teams and all stakeholders is the best approach for building a solid base for decision making.

Linking departments

By using connected planning modules and tools, professionals within a corporation can focus on their areas of expertise and are automatically connected to planning scenarios of other experts. A traffic forecast feeds a capacity planning scenario and triggers next year’s business plan. Both connect to the long-term investment plan. Automatically, integrated and connected - within one suite of applications.

We listen - we learn - we improve our products

Founded in 2001 and acting as Symbios between 2001 and 2012, BEONTRA’s team and industry knowledge has been continuously expanded.

We develop our systems in a close partnership with our clients. By holding regular user meetings and product development workshops, we shape our modules to your requirements. Regular system releases guarantee our clients participating in the continuous improvement of our products. It’s you using our software, not us.

BEONTRA scenario planning

be on track.

beyond traffic.