B Operational

Product profile

B Operational extends the scope BEONTRA Scenario Planning Suite from long term masterplanning and short-term operations planning to “on the day” real-time planning.

Serving as a data hub connecting, loading and managing data from various airport operational sources in real-time or specified intervals, B Operational feeds BEONTRA’s traffic forecasting or planning modules such as B Tactical or B Capacity.

Imagine a forecasting and planning system, connecting to data sources such as Airport Operational Databases (AODBs), passenger tracking or measurement systems (e.g. from Bluetooth, Wifi or visual measurement systems) and airlines’ booking data with the goal of merging these sources into a most reliable base for a continuous, automated forecast of passenger streams in a terminal.

B Operational lays the functional foundation for the BEONTRA CDM solution “Operational Terminal Prediction”, built from standard BEONTRA system modules.

The real time terminal passenger forecasts from “Operational Terminal Prediction”, e.g. reflecting flight delays due to weather or other operational obstacles, help all process involved parties managing the operational day best possible: adjusting resource staffing and usage based on most reliable and actual data resulting in better passenger experience due to reduced waiting timesand smooth transfer processes as well as reduced costs for all operational players.In addition, higher retailing revenues can be stimulated by reducing waiting times and thus increasing the commercial dwell time of passengers.

B integrated

Serving as the core “data hub” connecting, all operational data sources to the BEONTRA forecasting and planning modules


B quick

Real time capabilities supporting a continuous, automated update of forecasting and planning scenarios


B broad

Coverage of all process involved data and planning perspectives: airport, airline, police, customs, security and handlers can be connected to B Operational


B clear

Translation of BEONTRA’s industry leading forecasting and planning tools into a real time environment

B innovative

Stop reacting and start acting in operational day management resulting in an increased passenger and airline satisfaction, reduced costs and increased revenues

System module features

    • Connect to alternative external data sources such as an airport’s AODB, passenger profiling or measurement data (e.g. from Bluetooth, Wifi or visual measurement systems), airlines’ booking data, police or customs data

    • Flexible to adjust, automated data feeds, e.g. updating the required external data sources e.g. in 10min intervals

    • Direct Integration of B Operational into B Tactical, B Capacity and B Reporting delivering a fully integrated “Operational Terminal Prediction” solution build from “off the shelf” products.

    • High Availability System allowing the connection of 50+ clients and mobile reporting access via B Reporting