B Route Development

Product profile

Based on requests of various airports for an innovative and integrated solution“ to support airline marketing teams during preparation of route analyses and cases, BEONTRA started developing B Route Development” in 2010. B Route Development acts as a standalone application but logically extends the BEONTRA scenario planning product suite.

Based on Sabre Global Demand Data (includes MIDT), flight schedules and other data like airport passenger surveys or statistics data, B Route Development is designed as an interactive instrument for analyzing, presenting, discussing and improving route cases in a stepwise process.

The B Route Development process is easy to follow. The system is based on market data and substantiates assumptions with performance figures for existing routes. The analysis results are presented with interactive, highest quality graphics and data grids, which can easily and directly be integrated into documents such as PowerPoint slides and Excel worksheets.

From summer 2012, the B Route Development iPad App will extend the web application serving as a mobile platform for adjusting and presenting cases live on your iPad.

B integrated

Fully integrated approach to route case calculation

B quick

Significantly reduce time and resources required for preparing “high quality” route cases

B broad

Analyze potential passengers on services: O&D, origin to hub and hub to hub services

B clear

Abolish the “black box” of route development

B innovative

Change the way to discuss, present and interact with your clients

B Route Development iPad App

In late 2010 BEONTRA (former Symbios) introduced B Route Development (former „Market & Route Potentials“) as the integrated solution for analyzing potential new markets and calculating comprehensive route cases.
However, there was one point missing: when it came to actually presenting the final cases to carriers, users were still stuck at the "good old PowerPoint" or "PDF via iPad" level.
This is why in early 2012 BEONTRA started developing the B Route Development iPad App.
The development of a new route is a dynamic process – greatly dependent on the feedback airports receive from carriers during talks, presentations and negotiations.

For this reason BEONTRA wants to put a dynamic presentation tool into your and your clients hands for events like Slot Conferences or Routes:

  • Use the iPad as an interactive presentation device
  • Comfortably prepare route cases at your desk and download them for an offline presentation on your iPad
  • Have all relevant case data at your fingertips.
  • Involve your clients in the discussion and adjustment of „their“ route cases
  • Fine tune cases on the fly, react to your clients´ requests, questions and remarks (e.g. adjustment of aircraft types/ frequencies/ assumed market shares etc.)

System module features

  • Adjust all basic route analysis parameters, such as the route type (O&D, O to hub, hub to hub), carrier, leakage airports, route specific catchment area etc.
  • Determine the passenger potential for the new route considering existing bookings, leakage capture and natural market growth
  • Analyze traffic flow and analyze bookings geographically
  • Project market stimulation, benchmark and assess achievable market shares for trunk route and connecting passengers
  • Analyze quality of connectivity, get proposed optimum flight times and assess the resulting route passenger forecast
  • Establish a Profit & Loss Forecast based on modeled route frequency, equipment, seasonal demand, achievable fares and carrier cost assumptions
  • Receive the KPIs of your route case in an aggregated view
  • Use B Route Development as a "live" presentation or workshop platform
  • Download route cases into the native iPad App for live demonstrations, e.g. during conferences
  • Fine tune cases on the fly, react to your clients´ requests or questions (e.g. adjustment of aircraft types/ frequencies/ flight times etc.)
  • Involve your clients in the discussion and adjustment of "their" route case
B Route Development Workflow