Copenhagen Airport


In early 2013, Copenhagen Airports (CPH) signed an agreement with BEONTRA to introduce the system modules B Tactical and B Capacity at CPH, supporting the CPH Planning, Analysis and Projects team with a highly integrated system solution.

In addition CPH and BEONTRA agreed on a partnership for a joint development of resource allocation and demand optimization features. First outcome of this joint development are Check-in and Stand & Gate Allocation systems. BEONTRA and CPH aim to integrate the successful CPH way of capacity usage optimization into the BEONTRA product suite.

“Reduction in check-in counter demand = 26% ~20m EUR CAPEX savings."

"Security per FTE throughput increase 42% in 3 years ~8m EUR OPEX savings over 3 years.”

“Getting 8.5 million passengers through 100 check-in desks and 19 security tracks requires a little more than ordinary planning. Today we have increased the capacity utilization by almost 30%.”

Thomas Andersson, Director Airport Optimization
Copenhagen Airports

Project Characteristics

Project Name

Integrated Forecasting and Capacity Planning Tool

Project Timeframe

March 2013 (ongoing)


Copenhagen Airport

Owner Copenhagen Airports A/S
Coordinates 55°37'5''N, 012°39'21''O
Passengers 23,34m (2012)
Aircraft Movements 224,992 (2012)
Destinations 96 (2010)
Revenues 3.515 million DKK


Main Goals


Main goal for CPH is to get an integrated forecasting and planning system based on BEONTRA´s existing traffic and capacity planning modules for airport operators,

  • importing CPH know-how and methodology for resource allocation and demand optimization in capacity planning
  • covering short-term to long-term planning requirements 
  • being scenario-thinking friendly
  • delivering high planning accuracy on all timescales
  • reducing the dependency on Excel solutions build by individuals
  • building a user friendly, industry standard planning software able to cover all operational aspects.



Project Scope

Implementation of:



Mr. Thomas Andersson,

Director Airport Optimization,Copenhagen Airports