Zurich Airport


Zurich Airport, Switzerland´s awarded hub, decided to implement BEONTRA scenario planning to support their forecasting and planning requirements.

B Tactical has been implemented in 2007. The tool enables Zurich Airport to plan their short-term operations with highly detailed full-season forecasting schedules, updated on a monthly base. Considering long-term planning, the system is able to generate accurate and detailed long-term forecasting schedules, pertaining to future scenarios based on air traffic development and allocation between carriers, regions and aircraft types divided across the world.

This enables Zurich Airport to plan their future facility requirements and provide management supporting assumptions through the transparency of the system, as well as respond dynamically to new requests and changes in the industry.

B Tactical allows us to create a highly accurate capacity planning base. The outcome is a ten weeks rolling forecast utilized by all our operational units. With only 8 hours of work per month, we are able to keep our high levels of service despite rapidly growing peak passenger numbers.”

Florian Raff, Head Operations and Capacity Planning

Project Characteristics

Project Name

B Tactical - Forecast Flight Schedules for Operational Planning purposes

Project Timeframe

2007 - 2012 (ongoing)


Zurich Airport

Owner Flughafen Zürich AG
Coordinates 47°27'30''N, 8°32'53''O
Passengers 24,3m (2011)
Cargo 415k tons (2011)
Aircraft Movements 279k (2011)
Destinations 174
Revenues 905m CFH (2011)
Planned Investments 230m CFH(2012)

Main Goals

Generating flight schedule forecasts and analyzing complex traffic development for proactively decision making to eliminate operational bottle necks at peaks.

Internet Production Planning :

  • Creation of highly detailed full-season forecasting schedules
  • Assess infrastructure usage through forecasted traffic while balancing load through airline allocation for check-in and gates/ stands
  • Planning base for preparation works of upcoming season for all operational units at the airport.


10-week rolling forecast :

  • Updates of the detailed season forecasting schedules on a monthly base for the upcoming 10 weeks
  • Basis for all planning aspects (resources, staff, shift-planning) of the operations departments of Zurich Airport as well as of the related operational partners.



Project Scope

Implementation of:


Mr. Florian Raff,
Head Operations and Capacity Planning