B Strategic


B Strategic

Can you predict your long-term future?

Our B Strategic product is the long-term traffic planning module of the BEONTRA Scenario Planning Suite which allows you to develop long-term forecasts based on a set of econometric and statistical parameters.

Multiple factors might influence your future, so B Strategic allows you to flexibly combine / vary and weigh these influencing drivers such as global vs. regional economic development / fares / tourism / oil price etc. according to your needs. By using this forecasting method, long-term traffic scenarios for passengers, cargo, air traffic movements and MTOWs can easily be developed in total numbers (e.g. total number of passengers) and arbitrary traffic structures (top-down approach).

The methodical advantage of this forecasting approach is not only focusing on econometric parameters but also integrating short-, medium- and long-term factors of influence into the forecasting model.

Users will be guided along a step-by-step forecasting process, so start creating your own reliable and complete long-term forecast today!


Handover forecasting results to B Tactical and generate bottom-up schedules based on your demand forecasts


Changing framework conditions (e.g. GDP forecasts) can rapidly be deployed into an existing model


A consistent model comprising all traffic forecasting products


Access visualized key information within seconds


Industry standard forecasting methodology

System module features     

Create fully flexible, client-individual specific forecasting models incl. detailed traffic breakdowns

Long-term traffic forecast with adjustable time horizons up to 50 years into the future

Flexible handling of influencing factors, including the development of scenarios

  • Unlimited supported influencing factors incl. global / regional economic development
  • energy price development
  • mobility indicators
  • third party industry forecasts
  • tourism
  • fares

Sophisticated calculation methods including regression analyses and elasticity calculation as well as other methods

Automatic dependencies between forecasting products (e.g. passengers, movements, freight) to ensure consistency throughout the forecasting model

Numerous fine tuning and tweaking functionalities, supporting the best possible forecasting results

Easy scenario creation by copying an existing forecast and adjusting input parameters according to changing framework conditions

Report Generator for a flexible and dynamic creation of traffic reports covering all possible planning parameters and allowing comparison versus alternative scenarios

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