B Tactical


B Tactical

Create your single source of forecasting truth!

Our B Tactical product supports the creation of bottom-up traffic forecasts for flexible planning horizons ranging from next week to next season, from the coming business year to the year 2025.

Future flight schedules, actual airport statistics as well as information on special events like school holidays or festivals are being used to automatically assign loads – passenger seat load factors, transfer rates and bag rates are just some of the possibilities.

Your market expertise, e.g. about airline strategies or market trends, can be added to build a comprehensive prediction.

The forecasts are based on single flight events and therefore an ideal base for centralized usage throughout your whole organization: may that be as the basis for budget forecasts, aeronautical revenues, security forecasts or rostering.

Align all departments and start planning on a consistent basis today!


Planning backbone for all infrastructure planning enquiries


Create detailed schedule based forecasts within hours


Close the gap between long-term and short-term forecast


Transparent calculation and results, no planning black box


Industry standard forecasting methodology

System module features     

Import industry standard schedule files (e.g. SIR, SSIM7, etc.) as well as client specific schedule sources

Creation of schedule-based forecasts covering flexible planning horizons / periods (e.g. peak months, summer vs. winter seasons, total business years)

Comfortable editing functionalities for adding new or applying changes to existing services (e.g. frequency / equipment changes)

Assigning of load factors to schedule scenarios (passenger seat load factors, transfer rates, baggage rates)

Industry tailored dashboards and views aggregating and visualizing complex data sets and guiding through the forecasting process

Alternative levels of planning sophistication: “management” versus “expert” modes

Application of industry specific planning algorithms guaranteeing quickest possible scenario processing and turnaround time (automated load data adjustment, load structure recommenders, schedule generators) 

Management reporting functionalities for displaying and analyzing the KPI’s of traffic performance and development

Report Generator for a flexible and dynamic creation of traffic reports covering all possible planning parameters and allowing comparison versus alternative scenarios as well as traffic statistics

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