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BEONTRA Horizons

Benefit from our rejuvenated, state-of-the-art planning platform!

The next generation software platform BEONTRA Horizons exploits the benefits and opportunities of the 2020’s. With a user-focused design strategy of “less effort, more intelligence and same flexibility”, BEONTRA Horizons adds significant value without compromising on the benefits of the current scenario planning suite.

With a modern user interface targeting the individual solution of every user, BEONTRA Horizons builds upon 10+ years of community feedback. Routine tasks are automated and default checks and reports are readily available to focus all time and attention to value generation.

Fully integrated machine learning algorithms allow for both a quicker and more intelligent forecast. Learning from the historical data it identifies patterns and trends to apply on future data. Supportive charts provide additional insights to have all necessary information at your fingertips.

All this comes without compromising the biggest advantage of the current scenario planning suite. The user remains in full control and has the freedom to change all default settings and outcomes. With the easy and transparent structuring of all assumptions, creating alternative what-if scenarios is done in the blink of an eye.

As an integrated platform, all work and studies are easily shared between colleagues and stakeholders. Modern cloud technologies also ensure that there needs to be no worry about platform uptime and performance. The future of aviation forecasting and planning has a name: BEONTRA Horizons.

Budget Forecasting is the first of the BEONTRA Horizons solutions to be released. Automatic data uploads, industry-tested machine learning algorithms and immediate comparison with traffic and revenue targets allow airports to increase the frequency of their budgeting process.


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