The current pandemic of the novel coronavirus has disrupted the aviation business. In a time where most airports are facing dramatic traffic drops or even a cease of operations, the immediate focus of route development has naturally shifted from developing eager opportunities to retaining and recovering existing routes.

Concentrate on the right routes for a successful restart

In this phase of uncertainty and unparalleled economic pressure…

  • Airlines will concentrate on routes which have proven to be profitable in the past
  • The discussion around incentives is likely to become more important than ever
  • Airports and regional partners need to become more selective and spend their limited budget
    in a way in which it pays off best.

New BEONTRA feature enables airports to identify their focus routes

To support the activities of airports and their airline partners around a restart under the current circumstances, BEONTRA has released a cutting-edge feature to its B Route Development solution.

  • The new Route Portfolio Management allows airports to adopt the airline’s perspective and benchmark their routes against similar airline routes using the main KPIs RASK, load factor, fare and yield.
  • The solution combines BEONTRA’s know-how of aviation best practices with industry standard data sources, such as Sabre Global Demand Data, to provide airports with the relevant route performance insights in one place.
  • The analysis results help airports identify focus routes and vulnerable spots and thus enable them to decide on which routes they should concentrate for the post-pandemic recovery.

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