Our Approach

BEONTRA Scenario Planning
Integrated corporate planning suite for infrastructure providers

Continuously evolving and changing frameworks in the transportation industry create significant challenges for all market professionals with respect to both short- and long-term planning.

Traffic infrastructure is being designed and built for the long-term, expected to last throughout a master plan horizon. However, the logistics behind the plans have to be dynamic, able to respond and react to changing requirements. Therefore, operators need to continuously assess infrastructure demand and adjust utilization of existing assets to achieve the best possible efficiencies.

Since 2004, BEONTRA has been developing industry-standard integrated scenario planning solutions empowering infrastructure providers and operators to

  • continuously monitor markets and update traffic forecasts accordingly,
  • translate traffic forecasts into capacity scenarios in order to plan for required infrastructure and resources accordingly,
  • connect forecasting results to pricing scenarios covering direct (e.g. tariffs) as well as indirect revenue streams (e.g. concessions, retailing, parking) and
  • monitor and evaluate business opportunities for driving growth.

Module Overview

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The BEONTRA Scenario Planning suite has been developed in cooperation with industry planning experts, to serve as an industry planning standard and is based on over 10 years of software development experience. Developed in conjunction with best practice airport planning methodologies, being tried, tested and proven in multiple “real world” projects, the suite delivers fast, comprehensive, accurate and reliable scenarios supporting operational and strategic decisions.

Integrated Corporate Planning = Enterprise Added Value

  • Significant process improvements using proven industry best practice approaches
  • Increased accuracy of schedule based forecasts through standardization and use of historical traffic information as a basis for forecasting
  • Increased efficiency in creating, editing and presenting alternative forecasting scenarios
  • Enhanced management decision support through comprehensive scenario planning
  • Consistency and transparency in methodology and implementation through a standard software system compared with self-built, specialized tools which no one else can manage/ handle properly
  • Increased awareness and cooperation/ collaboration between departments regarding forecasts for further analysis
  • Perform a thorough analysis of proposed new service for impact on the entire airport operation, including peaks and available facilities at the airport
  • Provide Finance the necessary tools to perform a thorough analysis of new rates, charges, tariff structures, incentive impacts and budgeting processes using the identical forecasts produced by planning, by using the same base data

BEONTRA Scenario Planning

  • Area

    Fields of applications

    BEONTRA system modules

  • Long-Term Forecasting

    Demand-oriented traffic forecasting, covering periods of +5 to +40 years based on industries best methodology

  • Schedule based Forecasting

    Flight by flight, year by year traffic forecasts delivering the greatest possible level of detail whether it is the next business year or 30 years into the future

  • Operational Forecasting

    Real time traffic forecasting supporting operational decision making and delivering the input for on the day resource allocation and management

  • Capacity Planning

    Modeling of alternative capacity flows through an airport's infrastructure and testing it against alternative traffic scenarios in order to analyze capacity constraints and optimize infrastructure usage

  • Revenue Planning

    Creation of pricing scenarios based on existing or new variables (e.g. bags, emission values) in order to simulate effects of new tariff structures and generate business plans

  • Route Development

    Analysis of new route opportunities and creation of convincing route cases to be presented to carriers

  • Non Aviation Planning

    Connection of traffic numbers to retailing revenues & spending patterns enabling airports to conduct detailed non aviation revenue stream analysis, revenue forecasts as well as supporting an optimization of resource allocations

    B Non Aviation

  • Reporting and Dashboarding

    Flexible and scalable business intelligence and reporting solution, flexibly connecting to all available BEONTRA products.