B Analytics

Product profile

The B Analytics platform is a centralized Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence system which can act as the single point of truth for all available data sources at an airport. B Analytics aims to store, present and distribute data coming from other BEONTRA modules and external data sources within one single solution.  Consequently, the B Analytics platform supports collaborative decision making by ensuring all internal and external stakeholders act upon the same data.

Moreover, BEONTRA has off-the-shelf data models tailored for specific use cases to support for example facility performance analysis, schedule analysis, show-up profile analysis and traffic analysis based on statistical data. The presentation layer of B Analytics consists of Solution Dashboards, Self-service Dashboards and Ad-hoc Reporting.

The access of the stakeholders can be fully controlled with the B Analytics platform and can range from full read, write and execute rights within the B Analytics down to receiving an e-mail with a pdf report covering the required data. The wider airport community can rely on the B Analytics platform to deliver accurate and timely information to improve situational awareness and optimize operational efficiency.

The inclusion of external data sources in the B Analytics platform will strengthen the ties with the other BEONTRA modules through assumption validation, as the created scenarios can be compared with actual data, for example coming from measurement systems or the AODB. This enables a thorough analysis of passenger processes and patterns in B Analytics, which instantly be shared via (automatically send-out) reports to other stakeholders. 

B integrated

Built as a reporting component underlying all BEONTRA Scenario Planning modules

B quick

Template based architecture allowing quick and simple creation of powerful reports.

B broad

Choose from a variety of visualization options such as data tables, graphs and dashboards

B clear

Powerful but lean visualization of reports and dashboards delivering best possible transparency and analysis options

B innovative

Allowing web and mobile access via Android and iOS devices

System module features

  • Ad Hoc Reporting: create and execute complex analytic reports based on the B Analytics data warehouse. The Analytics tool exposes the BI report attributes allowing the end user to build custom reports and dashboards for publishing to the wider business community via web browser, email, mobile devices and data export
  • Self Service Dashboards: enable an organized multi-dimensional view. Any number of analytic reports and visual diagrams can be included on a dashboard page via drag-and-drop. Adding a dashboard prompt to a dashboard page allows for interactive filtering of the underlying data to provide in-depth insights

  • Solution Dashboards: solution dashboards are designed to answer recurring business questions. They are designed by BEONTRA and include more extensive filtering and navigation options. Via access control external stakeholders can view the dashboard – or it can be displayed in, for example, the operations center to support ACDM

  • Automated Report Scheduling: for example, the comparison of forecast vs. actual passenger numbers could be sent out to relevant stakeholders automatically on a regular basis. Any desired recurring pattern can be selected and a personal message can be included