B Revenue

Product profile

B Revenue acts as the business and revenue planning component of the BEONTRA airport management planning suite.

Directly connected to B Tactical, alternative traffic planning scenarios can be used as a base for calculating potential future revenues, processing tariff and schedule scenarios as well as benchmarking with other companies’ tariff structures.

Thus, B Revenue enables the user to instantly analyze the effects of tariff or schedule changes on the company’s business, to directly “translate” a planning scenario into financials and to have a reliable set of results for supporting business decisions.

B Revenue complements the traffic-based BEONTRA scenario planning suite by enabling the user to analyze and optimize the economical side of the planning scenarios.

B integrated

Economical calculations, directly performed on

B Tactical forecast scenario data

B quick

Changes to the tariff model can be incorporated and simulated within hours

B broad

Flexible charge calculator, supporting virtually all possible tariff regulations

B clear

Reports on any breakdown level possible (e.g. by client, by movement)

B innovative

Simulate alternative pricing scenarios and the effects on your clients

System module features

  • Create flexible, client-specific tariff models – virtually all existing tariff models are supported
  • Calculation on traffic and non-traffic related information
  • Direct access to B Tactical planning scenarios
  • Sophisticated calculation functions, like min/ max calculations, logarithms, involution etc.
  • Tariff structures flexibly handled by user-defined groupings based on all available variables
  • Numerous filtering and breakdown possibilities
  • Automatic currency exchange calculation
  • Reverse calculation and optimization functionalities
  • Report Generator for a flexible and dynamic creation of revenue reports covering all possible planning parameters and allowing comparison versus alternative scenarios
  • Benchmarking possibility with other companies’ tariff models